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    Central to project success is Communication, Craftsmanship & Innovation, and Efficiency.


  • Communication

    Good communication is at the heart of teamwork. At Fine Finishes Custom Builders, we all strive to be a cohesive unit, whether with our employees, subcontractors or clients.

    Communication ensures we are all on the same page, that we understand expectations and outcomes, and we are able to identify challenges and address them effectively.

  • Craftsmanship & Innovation

    We provide high-quality, well-built structures. From foundation to finish carpentry, we build and install to the best of our ability. This means constantly researching and implementing the best techniques and latest innovations, and finding partners that enhance our ability to deliver on the latest technologies for a better build.

  • Efficiency

    At Fine Finishes, efficiency means constantly scrutinizing and improving processes, asking tough questions and being prepared. It means having the tools you need when your hand reaches for them. It means repeatable, quality results. It means working smarter, together.